Mansfield Town sack Flitcroft (and other L1/L2 management news)

Marked Ox

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6 Dec 2017

Mansfield have sacked David Flitcroft as well as Greg Abbott (Head of Football operations), Ben Futcher (Asst Manager), Ian Pledger (Keeper Coach) and Dan Ashby (Performance Analyst).

Academy Manager (Ex Oxford) John Dempster appointed as 1st team manager and responsible for all football operations. Will Mansfield be appointing replacements (maybe not Head of Football operations based on the statement) for the above or is this a cost cutting measure disguised as a reorganisation?

L1 bound Bury have given Ryan Lowe permission to talk to L2 bound Plymouth about their vacant manager position. Maybe Bury's financial position is such that any extra compensation is very welcome or maybe Ryan Lowe has said he wants to be able to talk to Plymouth as he sees better longer term prospects and the chance to earn more money. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ryan Lowe try and sign Nicky Maynard if he does go to Plymouth.
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So if he gets sacked in the season, will Mansfield officially be a Dumpster fire?

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