Good luck England!


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I'm not expecting it to be pretty they will defend for there lives. We will struggle to break them down. Saying that I think we will win 2:0


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Seems there's a few new fifa directives especially for any team England are playing. 1) no cards can be issued for any foul on any England player. 2) England players can be wrestled to the floor when attacking their opponents and no action will be taken by either the match officials or var 3) if an England player looks in the direction of an opposition player it's a foul 4) only referees of the lowest quality (similar to those experienced in OUFC games) will be allocated to England games in the world cup finals

Of course if England had taken those early chances created those (spoof)new directives would be academic and wouldn't really matter!!

Another frustrating world cup finals for England seemed inevitably on the cards. Again.......and then thankfuck for harry kane :D:D


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The poor officiating was typified, for me, after our winning goal. Having taken no action for the entirety of the second half as Tunisia stalled, strolled around, walked off the pitch for subs at a snail pace...his first action when we make a change is to inexplicably make Lingard jog off. Then start whistling Pickford to take goal kicks quicker.

Disgraceful, inconsistent, intensely frustrating officiating. Even before you take into account the extremely soft penalty against us, and laughable lack of penalty for us. Cheers VAR...
Decent first ten minutes, very poor and pedestrian next 70, then somewhat better once Rashford and Loftus-Cheek came on. Alli was left on too long. The ref seemed to want to give Tunisia every chance of taking a point. I thought that they were supposed to be clamping down on wrestling in the box? If they actually were going to do anything about at (as opposed to just lip service) we would have had at least two penalties!

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I'd be disappointed if we had that ref in L1. What a complete joker. Running into an elbow is a penalty but pulling down a player in the box isn't, even when SHART is used to review it.

I do laugh at the Scotland fans on social media losing their moment of joy


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Perhaps one of our resident referees could explain tonight's penalty (and lack of) decisions?
Fifas var officials arent justifying how harry kane being manhandled &wrestled to the floor twice didnt equate to two penalties and that needs explaining in depth .....wasnt var supposed to eliminate those sort of incidents from being missed???? seems not! The corrupt shadow of blatter hangs over world football still it seems
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