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Fan's View Fan's View 22/23 - No.43 - Peterborough away

Paul, good review as always. I'm feeling more confident about staying up after watching that game than I did before
FoSB (& Kpc chair who is in thier pocket) are masters/ mistresses of shithousery- as was demonstrated at KPC AGM....Kpc chair Robey ' there is no vote at this meeting' ...then later Kpc chair Robey ( after an ancient bylaw had been invoked by FOSB- to which Robey had pre knowledge of) - there will be a vote on the wording of the vote/poll .....fact is its a meaningless poll yet is costing Kpc £7k. Pure shithousery at its worst
It is certainly the received wisdom that when the proverbial hits the ____ then you go back to basics and learn to defend again- don't know if he has the Warnock shin pad training kit out but we seem to be harder to beat which can't be bad ftm!
Great report thanks Paul.
Although 0-0 it felt like a win.
It reminded me of the first away game under Ian Greaves. January 1981, 0-0 at high flying Rotherham.
After a rather inept Bill Asprey team Ian Greaves instilled a "solid foundation with shape" to give us the base to survive in Division Three that season (mostly draws if I remember) then add a little bit of flair the following season before handing a team "disciplined with fundamental basics" over to Jim
Smith to take us on a journey.
Here's hoping Mr Manning is taking us on a journey.
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