Academy Head of Performance Analysis & Technology vacancy.


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7 Dec 2017
Just had a browse......... salary of £20k ? In Oxford?? You would have to live in a caravan in the car park!! :)

What made me really chuckle was this......... "The EFL and Premier League have introduced positive action measures aimed at tackling the under-representation of coaches, managers and staff from Black, Asian and Minority Ethic (BAME) backgrounds within professional football. Here at Oxford United we are committed to exceeding these new requirements and, as a result, will shortlist at least one suitably qualified BAME candidate (where an application has been received) for all full-time roles within our Academy"

Just read it slowly.............. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Where I work any applications for vacancies are "de-personalised" so neither the short lister or the interviewer has any idea if the person is pink,black,green or orange and they are appointed on merit not colour or race.

Positive discrimination really boils by urine. :mad:

When this says a volunteer work placement, does that mean unpaid?
Or is it just confirming it counts as a student placement and/or not due national minimum wage.
To work for 36 weeks for "free" or below NMW would restrict it to people who can afford that. ie living at home with parents supporting them
Are their grants available to the club?
Hmm - if the salary for the head of performance analysis was £20K six years ago, I wouldn't expect a placement to be getting much.
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