New head of academy

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I read this as New Head of Alchemy.

What happened to Whing? Has he whung?
Yep credit where credit is due. Well done Darryl, this looks on paper like a good appointment, and shows a much welcome level of commitment from him
I will add that this position was always going to be filled since it is a requirement for any FL academy to have a academy manager.
well, filling the post was mandatory as Mr Wig said. Still a great move by Darryl.
It looks like a good move.

Good to see both Chris Allen and Chris Hackett being given opportunities at the club- very good young players in their time.

COD, Carroll, Napa and Stevens hopefully is the start of a line of young players coming through (I appreciate that Napa only joined the club at 16 but still seems to be developing)
How many away day hot dogs is this going to take?

I like the appointment. We needed someone, took the time to interview different people for the job and he comes with a different background. Saul Goodman
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