Scouting for Youth


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13 Dec 2017
I don’t know much about how the scouting for youth works, but when you know the dad (who played a bit himself) of a talented young 15yo who has just signed for the Scum and know we could have signed him first.
Just hope it doesn’t come back to bite us on the a**e.

Marked Ox

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6 Dec 2017
The Academy scouting seems to have improved beyond measure in recent years so they may have known about him but rate those they already have signed up higher. Tbf, every Academy will miss out on a player who goes on to make it somewhere else as players develop at a different rate, the Academy picks another player ahead of them etc.


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7 Dec 2017
I think it's one of the area's of the club that is run extremely well. I only know of Dan Harris from the work he is doing with us, but it seems to me that we are lucky to have him and the youth development is as well run as it's ever been (and we are seeing the results, with more to come). Every club will miss out on players and can probably all show examples of players that they missed out on in their area and went on to have good careers elsewhere.


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7 Dec 2017
Unless we sign up every 15 year old in the County then at some point yes we will get bitten on the posterior but clearly that's not a practical way of doing things. If he's gone to Swindon then clearly he doesn't see a career in football for himself.
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