Royal Wedding


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They just panned to a Chelsy reject.

Apt for FA Cup final day!

EDIT. James Corden can get in the f*****g bin though. Fat waste of space.

Gary Baldi

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It was fine. Not a fan of long winded religious sermons, so the paper and visit to the bog was in order.

Happy for the couple though. Wish them well.


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Well it wasn't as traditional as you would have expected and hopefully good for race relations.

As for the cost? I would think that the Countries income would far outweigh the cost.


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I've never understood the argument that it was a waste of tax payers money. The cost of the wedding was covered by the Royals, who bring in billions of pounds of revenue a year in tourism and the security operation is covered (eventually) by the government. If you consider how much was spent yesterday by over 100k people within Windsor and across the country having BBQs and parties then it is a drop in the ocean.
I personally felt for Harry. He looked distinctly uncomfortable during certain parts. I know he has suffered from lot of mental health issues. I just hope Megan, will help and support him. I have huge HUGE respect for her. She is one strong cookie. And good for her.
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