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Rochdale and Set pieces

Marked Ox

God like member
6 Dec 2017

So they didn't defend well at set pieces Vs Bradford. Keith Hill need not be worried about defending set pieces as we are generally useless at them.
Is that a result of never “slinging the ball into the box” - or the reason we don’t do so (our forwards are useless in the air)?!
From our corners last Saturday we looked liked conceding ourselves, but I doubt Tiendalli and Ricardinho will get left back to defend again, especially away.

We are not a big, powerful side and we don't have a set piece specialist, we are even crap at penalties so it's never going to be our game. We are an open play, passing team so we might be better off just recycling the ball into play on set pieces, it would P**s of the lump it in/shoot on sight brigade but if we never score/give away possession/look like conceding from our own set pieces it's the logical thing to do, rather than trying to appease a few shouty blokes.
Can't swear on the new forum then? f**k it let's go back to the old one as that's a load of B*****s.
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