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OUFCW u16s quater final youth fa cup....


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6 Dec 2017
This Sunday v Everton womens U16s , Brookes Harcourt Hill campus ... seems all but the first team are having a decent season (despite all the mushroom treatment, lack of communication, and the like thats blighted the last 12 months)......OWS preview link ....https://www.oufc.co.uk/news/2019/february/ouwfc-u16-everton/?fbclid=IwAR3X6_q2UVWcKGIM9sL9yCjnPjpjhtFCfZ4to-bUT-lSIdh0deeANBPm9kw
Also on Sunday, OUFC ladies first team are at home to Gillingham at CPF 2pm kick off


theres probably a logical reason as to why not, however with OUFC ladies teams , U16s (Brookes Harcourt Hill campus 12 midday kick off) and OUFCW first team (2pm CPF) both playing at home on the same day, to me it would have made sense to play both games , one after the other at the same venue , thus making it a damn sight easier for oufc supporters to watch both games?
Nice work Sarge, would encourage as many as possible to get along and support the girls.
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