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Option for Sat 24th March?


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6 Dec 2017
With the scheduled match away to Pompey being moved to Sunday 25th, IF you're at a loose end, 3 Oxford lads have entered a series of Enduro races as part of the charity fundraising Nifty Fifty challenge. ( Barnardos) .... first race meeting (five-hour enduro) is in the Winchester area THIS Saturday (24th March)...more info on the link below

The three members of Fat Boy 3 team equipe are members of Oxford Roadrunners Scooter club. Theyve converted a very rare Lambretta Lui 50cc to off road spec' to compete in the race series. Their racing livery colour is yellow ;)

more information via the Just giving link .....https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/fatboy3

NOTE to MODS: apologies if posted in the wrong section....as the match has been moved to Sunday, the racing may be of interest to some?
Give me strength. What is that thing? I would pay to have it crushed
At risk of being wooshed I'll bite :)

It's, well was, the 50cc version of Bertone designed Lambretta Luna line, the Lui 50 was never imported officially to the UK, -vega 75cc and cometa (autolube)75cc were imported in small quantities. Lui 50 is a very rare Lambretta, this one has been converted to compete in the nifty fifty charity challenge series of off road enduro races...up against 50cc trail and motorcross 'bikes ...World renowned motor vehicle designer Bertone (now Ferraris chief designer) started his career at Innocenti, designing the iconic Lambretta grand prix, his first design to go into production was the Lambretta Luna line, including the lui 50...... as for it getting crushed, reckon over the course of the series of enduro races it'll take a serious battering ... aiming to make it cap able of competing in the series several fs1e parts have been fitted.... first race in the series is this sat near Winchester. The series is aiming to raise money for Barnardos... .that yellow off road Lui will be ridden by a team of 3 riders from Oxford roadrunners in the enduro series....they've done all the work converting it for off road them selves..... bit of fun on a moped designed for popping to Italian shops, not mudplugging :).....albeit in a different context, come on you yellows! ;)
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