New TV deal.


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15 Dec 2017

According to the beeb,21 out of 24 Championship teams voted against the deal.
Could be their way to force PL 2 through.

The EFL have stuck their necks out in signing this deal.
This morning, I was told 21 out of the 24 Championship clubs wanted the EFL to ask Sky for more time, or even negotiate a shorter contract, to allow some of the issues - amount of money being paid, the number of times clubs are on TV, the mass streaming of midweek games - to be sorted out.
Should this deal go through against their wishes, I was told, it would be 'war'.
Now the Championship clubs must decide whether there is any substance behind their rhetoric, whether they are willing to do anything to back up their claims of incompetence.
A meeting is due to take place tomorrow. The outcome will be very interesting indeed.
If Villa, Leeds and the other so called big clubs are so unhappy about it then maybe they should try harder to get to the promised land of the premier league. Villa failed to get promoted last season and Leeds have failed to go up for god knows how many years now.

If you're not good enough to get promoted then tough luck, you will have the same deal as the other 71 football league clubs.

The fact Villa are moaning whilst they are only a year into their 3 years of payments for failing in the premier league is laughable too.

I'm glad the EFL have gone ahead and signed the deal. All of a sudden football clubs think that if they stamp their feet enough or try and throw their weight around then they will get what they want. It's a bit like if premier league clubs start trying to throw their weight around to get this European super league. I hope the Premier League say off you go but don't think you can just walk back in when it fails.
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