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8 Dec 2017
Down the middle, with a striking partner, seemed to work I thought.

Pace, skill and more importantly put pressure on the opposition defence, rather than us sitting back waiting for them to build.
Got to give it to gino, he's been shite but put in a good shift on saturday
Not a clue which GVK will turn up.

At least we had a plan Saturday. The final ball was lacking but it was clear we were using our assets - pace.

Napa, IBR, Rothwell.

Keep poking the balls in the channels and work from there
He's a brilliant "super sub" but i don't think he's fit enough to play from the start.
He always starts games brighlty and drifts of after about 25 minutes on the pitch.
Looks a lot better behind a striker then on the wing or the lone man upfront.
If we can use him as someone who comes on when defences tire and he comes on behind a striker around 65 minutes he could start to terrorise defenses like he did to Plymouths for about 15 minutes until they figured him out.
Nice little cameo from Gino on Saturday against a tiring defence, and it probably suited him to be playing in a front two with Obika, but for me he’s an impact player off the bench at best.
agree with that ^^
Am I the only person that wasn't impressed. He seemed to run in the way of Obika a few times. It's as if they have never trained together.
GVK at the very least brought lots of movement. On the whole this gave passing options or created space for others that we didn't have before.
He is also a great crosser of a ball and he would have expected someone to get on the end of them.

Ricardhino is even better at crossing balls in, he should be playing every game.

All we need is a striker who can get on the end of them and that is our problem.
Valued at £800k though so should be ripping up this league.
I don't think that is a realistic figure.
Even if he was worth that, does that amount of money really get you a player that rips up the league, Cod, Roofe and Johnson all left for a lot more money, did any of them rip up this league, they all had some great games and good spells but over a season none of them were battering the opposition week in week out, no matter how good a player is he's limited by the quality and system around him.
Gino is a good option off the bench because of his pace and directness. I don’t think he’s good enough or disciplined enough to start matches and play 90 mins, but when our attack has gone stale he has shown that he can come on and change things up.

I think that, when fit, he should always be on the bench. When we find ourselves needing a goal he’s great to bring on against tiring defenders. Admittedly he can contribute to goals equally well at both ends (not sure he knows what tracking means), but when you’re already losing and not looking likely to score, what’s there to lose?!
Hopefully back to Slavia Prague though in the summer who will probably loan him out to a club in the Albanian league or some other obscure place.
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