Ex Player GVK

Actually some familiar names in the Curacao lineup. Didn't know Cuco Martina and Bacuna played for them for example. Benschop is relatively well known in Germany too. Can we all also give thanks for the wonderful name Jimbertson Vapor as well.

As for GVK, I have really no idea. One week looks like a good player, next week he looks like he plays for the Dog and Duck. Clearly not worth 800k but if he's happy and assuming Slavia have been watching him and know they are never going to recoup the transfer money, then I wonder if we can't say "guys, not a hope in hell of getting 800 grand for him, how about 100,000".

This is assuming he impresses KR of course...
Gino has the athleticism of a top player, the technique of a lower league player and the football intelligence and composure of a non league player. He struggles when he has a decision to make, like the 3 on 1 last weekend. If he could be coached to improve his decision making then I think he could be a very useful player in the squad. As it stands though, as soon as he loses his pace he has had it as a footballer at this level.
Could be wrong but I got the impression that the overseas players’ days at Oxford could be limited from what Robinson said yesterday. He alluded to the importance of young British players getting opportunities in the EFL. I’m obviously not implying that he’ll chuck them all out just for being from overseas, that would be unfair on Ricardinho and even Pekalski, but I think it’s fair to say that it’s unlikely that we’ll see the likes of Tiendalli, Mehmeti and GvK here beyond the end of the season
He’s hardly even seen them and wants to get shot, gino’s only going to cost us £800,000
HE can be effective as a sub and I imagine would tear up the Conference. I expect he’ll score us a couple of important goals before the end of the season and then will be released
He’d be the first one to I’d get shot of. Mehmeti also! Not good enough, they may some game time, but at the end of the season. Bye bye!
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