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Drinking and sport.


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15 Dec 2017
Watched a programme about alcohol and sport.
It featured the likes of Jimmy Greaves in football,Rodney Marsh in cricket and Cliff Lazerenko at darts.
But none of them came close to big Bill Werbeniuk.
He would drink between 40 and 50 pints a day,would have 6 pints before a snooker match and a pint per frame during the game(to calm his nerves.)
He once while playing John Spencer, drank 72 cans of lager during the game.
He drank 28 pints of lager and 16 whiskies during a game with Nigel Bond,then had a bottle of whiskey after losing, to drown his sorrows.
He was challenged to a drinking competition,after the other bloke passed out after 42 pints,he said "i'm away for a proper drink now"
But best of all,he successfully claimed his lager was a tax deductible expense,as without it he couldn't hold his cue for nervousness(in other words the shakes)
I know a few brickies who should try that one !!
Imagine that these days, a pint of lager and 20 embassy on the table, the arena half full of smoke and Ronnie O’Sullivan scratching his nuts while titting up some sort, just doesn’t happen anymore.
Little wonder old Wobblyneck died of heart failure when he was only 56!
I think some of the blame for drinking in sport can be attributed to philosophers

Think them Python's have a song about it?
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I like a drink, all dayers, weekends away on it from getting up till passing out, on it every day for a two week holiday etc, but I can’t imagine hitting it that hard and not having a day (or three) off, becomes more of a chore and going through the motions than pleasurable.

No wonder he went tax deductible as well, at current prices he would be spending over a grand a week on booze.
Drinking bottles of Beer throughout a game of football you're playing in doesn't make for a very successful game.
There is a thing in running, the beer mile. 4 laps of the track, bottle of beer end of every lap... This takes some doing, especially at 4:33 pace.

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