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Marked Ox

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6 Dec 2017
I'm tempted to bill the stadium company for the 55p bottle of water I had to purchase to clean the bird poo off my seat which has been there since before the Peterborough game.
U washed off the lucky bird poo from peterbrough [emoji85] no wonder we didn’t win . Shame on u


It wasn't lucky Vs Scunny :(. It was all over the seat which made sitting down impossible. Have Pterodactyls been seen recently over the Oxon skies?
Uncle Firoz cares for you all, he will get it sorted
His stadium company does not appear to give a s**t about us fans :mad:
He leaves that to the avians in the stadium ....who evidently, collectively give lots of shits o_O did that old LR chant go...'If I had the wings of a sparrow, if I had the a**e of a crow, Id fly over Sw*nd*n tomorrow, and s**t on the bastards below' ...or something similar?

Has our landlord been training avians in and around the breeze block I wonder?:rolleyes:
Well run football clubs employ someone to fly a hawk around the stadium to scare the pigeons away. I can imagine FK's face if he were to be presented with an invoice for that!
KR wants the grass longer, and the pitch bigger for next season so it’s longer than it was and it shows.
Just like to say I fully expect the fossilised Bird Poo on the metal on my seat and on one of handrails in East Stand to still be there next season. I'm sure there is plenty more fossilised Bird Poo elsewhere across the ground.
FK knows that there is good money to be made from selling fossilised bird poo (aka guano) so I expect it will be bagged up when there is enough to sell to farmers.
What? Why he wants it longer, rad ox said after saturdays game it’s cut at 53mm but KR wants it at 56mm, I think they said he wants the pitch wider as well. Suits the style he wants to play I suppose.
I read a book by terry venables who said he got his groundsman to leave the grass longer at each end of the pitch to slow the ball up.
MAPP shortened the pitch to stop teams getting behind us and make it easier to get at them when they have the ball.
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