Bird s**t


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9 Dec 2017
Absolutely everywhere in East Stand Block 19

My season ticket seat was so cakes in it that it's not usable

But disappointing that when I raised it with a steward he said it was nothing to do with the football club and it was up to the stadium company and because of the dispute blah blah blah

Ok, understand that technically it's up to the stadium company but it is the football club who sell the seat and they need to put it right

Let's hope it gets sorted
My seat has fossilized bird s**t from last season. Report it to the club and maybe the Council.
We did mention it to a steward yesterday as he was having a look to see if there was any blood ( a woman had a nose bleed ) somebody did say about the bird s**t
I think I'll take some spray cleaner and a rag to the first home game!
I would raise it with your supporters association, they have the best chance of getting it sorted.
I'm sure if you wrote to the club they would apologise and organise for someone to clean the seat for you, unfortunately they do not have time to check 12k seats for bird poo before every game.

However, for 600k per year, the very least you'd expect is some spring cleaning from the landlord. The stadium is pretty run down every season, it's borderline negligible. It certainly feels that way sitting and walking around it. I've also heard that he's put restrictions on the time staff are allowed to enter the ground. Sounds like he's putting his foot down again, t*sser.
Environmental health dept at Oxford city council may be worth contacting on the subject?

Also there is a safety team for the breeze block,who I understand regularlyish meet well as looking at safety of people working at the breeze block idve thought the same team also consider aspects inside the breeze block that may affect the health of paying customers. Like birdshit on seats that paying customers have paid to sit on!!! :unsure::unsure:
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