General Are we missing Faz ?


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15 Dec 2017
Just a thought, but given all the current reasons offered why its not happening for us currently, are we missing the calm voice of reason of Faz .
I know we have the current backroom staff but do they offer the same depth of experience and advice that he did previously.
Before you all jump on me and list all the reasons why we are so poor this season (last night was woeful) I am just scratching my head on the current level of performances and whether the calm input of Faz is sorely missed.


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14 Feb 2018
I remember times on here when ol' Faz was thrown under a bus! Now him leaving the dugout is seen as a reason for our demise.

We've had Derry the "Destructor" who allegedly liked nothing more than roughing up the playing staff.

Now I see a few questions being asked of Craig Short on the Crewe match thread. Who would be an OUFC #2? 🤔😅


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7 Dec 2017
I would say yes .
A wealth of experience and worldly wise.
Faz was by his side, home & away, on tour in Ireland etc .
KR’s demeanour this season is certainly different.
No spectators is certainly an issue for him personally.


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26 Dec 2017
Yes of course but the real issue is we don’t have the quality we had last season.

- Clare - not good enough (right now)
- CB situation weaker (not replaced Dickie)
- no Cameron Branagan
- James Henry - out of form / never going to maintain the past few season for ever... is he on the decline?
- No natural answer on the left wing? Browne / Holland better players than what we have.

also Robbo changing players positions every game no continuity. Looks like he is looking for solutions but it hinders the players...

It’s going to be a long season...
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