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Ref Watch 20/08/19 OUFC vs BURTON ALBION Brett Huxtable

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Marked Ox

God like member
6 Dec 2017
How did you think Brett Huxtable did?

Apart from sounding like a 80s sitcom character, I thought he was decent enough.

He made a couple of errors with the obvious glaring one being not playing on when we were pretty much clean through yet he played on in many other occasions. The penalty shout on Taylor wasn't his fault as he wouldn't have been able to see him; the penalty claim should have been seen by the Lino rather than the Ref.

Overall, I thought he tried to keep the play going and was generally pretty consistent in his decision making imo.
I didn't think he was awful - not excellent either. Just before he didn't play advantage, he had let one run on (for us) that we messed up and then players were asking him why he hadn't blown (he shrugged). I suspect that had something to do with it, but certainly inconsistent. There were also a couple of challenges right after one another that looked very similar. One got a booking one didn't. He wasn't very mobile IMO. But it wasn't a very difficult match to ref - neither team were dirty. Compared to a couple we have had already this season, he was a distinct improvement!
Decent game advantages aside. I like how he dealt with Brannagan and one of their player's incidents, another ref might have made more out of it.
was ok ish ... and best of all fairly consistent I thought
Fairly anonymous, he was generally average to slightly poor, without being terrible. It was so strange when he called that foul back when Oxford were clear through - it wasn’t a booking, he hadn’t blown his whistle, so it was like he was trying to stop us scoring.

Generally he was out of shape and unfit, but overall was ok.

Anyone giving him an 8/10 is insane, or just has been so damaged by the awful standard of refs we’ve had that they have been blinded to what an 8/10 is ?
Felt he reffed from the middle of the pitch because he couldn’t risk being caught at one end if play switched.
Also felt he stopped the game on occasions so he could catch up.
I really can’t stand the fouls where a player goes onto his knees as soon as he feels a challenge. Burton had a huge number 5 who did just this to get himself out of trouble and poor refs fall for this.
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