1. MustardYellow

    Matches Last 10 Games

    Over the last 5 seasons (not including Covid season), you've needed an average of 75/76 points to make the play-offs. Based on PPG so far this season, you'll need around 78/79 points for a play-off spot. If we use the 5 season average, we need 6 wins from our last 10. If we base it on the PPG...
  2. O

    General Non-League/'lesser' leagues - not looked at enough?

    Given the sheer depth of the English football pyramid and multitude of success stories of players coming out of it (Vardy, Antonio, Hart, Maddison etc), is it being massively overlooked by Football League clubs? Are football league clubs also overlooking potential talent in 'lesser' leagues (NI...
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