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    Current Player Mackie

    I know that 2 goals from 25 games for a centre forward is not a good return!!!
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    Current Player Mackie

    There's no questioning his commitment and running (he's quicker than most on here appreciate) it's the constant fouling and "shithousery" which actually adds nothing positive. It's not his fault but he's been given the job as a centre forward which clearly he ain't, so come on KR start with a...
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    General Jan transfer window

    Couldn't agree more, he has known for two years that we need a striker, fair play he got Matt Taylor but he is clearly one of those who has injury problems and KR seems to prefer the ineffective Mackie anyway. For those who love Mackie's "shithousery" sorry but I prefer someone in the box who...
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    Newcastle Away Ticket Details

    Apparently you cannot pick up tickets at the Toon, I have just ordered over the phone and they will post but at your risk!
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    FA Cup 1st round draw

    I thought it was Mark Jones but it was a long time ago!!
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    Home Match Day Thread +++ 12/10/2019 L1 OUFC v Doncaster Rovers +++

    What's the title of this thread?? All I see on the last few pages are posts about attendances rather than celebrating a great performance from the team.
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    Andy James aka Womble.

    RIP Andy
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    Away Match Day Thread +++ 22/04/2019 Shrewsbury v OUFC Match Day Thread +++

    Tend to agree, in the first couple of games he was excellent but of late stupid bookings and sending off, also giving the ball away which has led to a couple of penalties.
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    Danny Hylton

    Perfect, KR loves signing injured players
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