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    Away MDT +++ 18/01/20 Gillingham v OUFC L1 +++

    I didn't do any in depth analysis. The idea is just based on 70 years of following United. 70 years of watching football in fact. Glad to see that the analysis has been done. Interesting to say the least.
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    Away MDT +++ 18/01/20 Gillingham v OUFC L1 +++

    You have to remember that we're now in the second half of the season, where we are playing sides we have already played. The reverse fixture. So the managers of those sides have who have already seen how we have played and have had time to consider how to block our attacking play. Very few teams...
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    Away MDT +++ 18/01/20 Gillingham v OUFC L1 +++

    The lack of anything even vaguely approaching a goal scoring forward is beginning to catch up
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    Home MDT +++ 14/1/2020 OUFC V Ipswich Town L1 +++

    The last 5 or 6 matches have not been good. And there is unfortunately a pattern of play that causes that. United's whole attacking system relies heavily on the wingers. The teams we have lately been playing have simply set out to cancel the effect of the wingers. Since our whole attacking...
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    Home MDT +++ 14/1/2020 OUFC V Ipswich Town L1 +++

    Tonight will show if we are going through he usual post Xmas slump or not. Hope for a home win. Ipswich are an inconsistent side and all we can hope is that the poor Ipswich side turns up tonight.
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    Home MDT +++ 11/1/2020 OUFC V Rotherham United L1 +++

    Playing a front three of Fosu (who has stopped scoring), Mackie (wo rarely scores), and Sykes (who scores even more rarely) is a really strange idea.
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    Fa Cup Fourth Round draw

    Probably one of the best for some time.
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    Away MDT +++ L1 1/1/2020 Doncaster Rovers v OUFC +++

    13 shots NONE on target says it all. Correction 14 shots and ONE on target.
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    General Jan transfer window

    Have to agree with that. One of the reasons I suspect Dickie will not go. He might be offered an increase in his salary with a promise that if we don't go up he will be allowed to leave.
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    Current Player Mackie

    Mackie is as ever the sort of player who you love if he's in your team, and hate the sights of if he's in the opposition team. Take a look at the Wimbledon forum to see what I mean. :D
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    John Shuker

    Sad, sad, sad. I watched him all through his career at Headington and Oxford. Solid left back who was once converted to a forward and scored enough goals to stop us from being relegated. The consummate professional.
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    Home MDT +++ 26/12/2019 OUFC V Lincoln City +++

    Trouble with a scumbag for a landlord 11,000 is the maximum crowd we can ever get. If we want to progress we have to either buy the Grenoble Road site or move.
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    Away MDT +++ 14/12/2019 Milton Keynes Dons v OUFC L1 +++

    Unfortunately the last three games have shown rather a disturbing problem. All three opposition sides sussed out that about 90% plus of our attacks come through the two wingers. So they just set out to cripple the wingers. And it has worked. I fear this is going to happen a lot for the rest of...
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