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    General New EFL rule - Clubs have to make a profit

    Just an idea but maybe the EFL should say that any Club relegated from the Premiere League should restart at football league Level 9 or 10. Won't happen of course but it would be interesting to see what happened.
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    Season 20/21 - 12th September Start

    I would have thought more than that. Perhaps double. But so much would depend on other conditions other than spacing. If you are right there will be a real problem allocating tickets.
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    Away Match Build Up +++ 03/07/20 L1 Play Off Semi Final: Leg 1 - Pompey v OUFC+++

    Not expecting much. But will wait in trepidation for the end of the match. Hopeful is all.
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    Match Buildup playoffs build up thread

    It aint half got technical on here 😱 🤫:unsure:
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    Match Buildup playoffs build up thread

    Now that I CAN believe:devilish:
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    Match Buildup playoffs build up thread

    Who are we playing today. Anyone know?
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    Matches 2020-21 ST renewals

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    Match Buildup playoffs build up thread

    I have to confess a little worry about the preparation. No 'real' matches mean that match fitness will not be there on the day. I hope some sort of matches will be set up. But I don't hold out any real hope.
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    Ex Player Ex Player Thread

    Maybe, or maybe an own goal
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    EFL - The Covid-19 decision

    Sky have said they will be televising all play semi and final matches. Along with Pick and BBC channels.
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    How to complete the season

    Sadly I can see the season being ended and the points per game used. United will not be promoted this year.
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    Aston Villa 2 Oxford Utd 2 Milk Cup Semi-Final 1st leg 1986

    I took my son for his first away match that evening. He had never been to anything but the Manor ground till then. It really got to me the sight of his face when he saw that damn great terrace at the other end. His jaw dropped.
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    Oxford or England?

    IT was!!!!!
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    Oxford or England?

    Both at the same time. They are two different things. United are my local team that I have grown up with and will support forever. England are the national side that all should support. Since the chances of having to support either team when they play at the same time are infinitesimally small...
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    General So what's your other team?

    Sorry but I am a one man team man. I hve been for over 70 years so I am not likely to change now. The main reason some have another team is the fact that Sky TV have a total fixation on the premier league. Constant bombardment of live matches from the premiereship tend to s sway the less...
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