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    General More news re; stadium/training ground, thoughts?

    I think the Sheik could be near the mark with Stratfield Brake. Although I am not ITK, people I know are speaking enthusiastically about this site, its got all the potential requirement.
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    Today we should have played Bury.

    Hi all on the way home from Rotherham I started to think about our next game. Well it should have been v Bury . For some reason I have an abiding memory of Bury, august 1967 at the Manor.Oxford 5 Bury 4.I think Oxford and Bury both went on to win promotion that season . Also for some reason I...
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    Manager/Coach KR on talksport

    Just listening to Talk Sport radio KR is live on air shortly. COYY
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    I don’t think KR believes Evans would move south. He said on the radio phone in , listen at about 14.30 COYY
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    Away Match Day Thread +++ 03/08/2019 L1: Sunderland v OUFC MDT +++

    Well for what it’s worth great point,Oxford seemed up for the game. Never a penalty, strangely the Sunderland supporters agree and are saying useless refereeing!! Dickie, great game and can see why we tried so hard to get Cadden. Have to say my heart sank when McGuire came on. COYY
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