Today we should have played Bury.


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13 Dec 2017
Hi all on the way home from Rotherham I started to think about our next game.
Well it should have been v Bury . For some reason I have an abiding memory of Bury, august 1967 at the Manor.Oxford 5 Bury 4.I think Oxford and Bury both went on to win promotion that season . Also for some reason I thought Bury had just been relegated and were at the time considered to be a Big team.
Its amazing how things have changed for Bury, and how sad for their fans.
Amongst the other things Oxford were losing 3. 2 at half time and a huge Bury centre forward shoving the Oxford goalie into the back of the net ( with the ball ) No Goal.
Anyone else got any Bury memories??
What do we think the score would have been tonight if we had played, who would have scored ??

Marked Ox

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6 Dec 2017
Dean Whitehead absolutely beasting them when we won at Gigg Lane 4-0 in October 2003. He scored 2 (Steve Basham the other 2) and was just imperious.

The Forgotten Highlander

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11 Dec 2017
Remember a midweek game when we stuffed them 5-1 at home a couple of seasons back. The little Scouse lad we had on loan (McAleny?) scored a hat-trick. They were awful.....

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