We weren't the only ones happy we beat Charlton away

Marked Ox

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6 Dec 2017
On "Paddington 24/7" last night our supporters got a mention. The British Transport Police and Met Police had increased presence in the station as Millwall were playing away at Reading while we were at Charlton. They were worried both "at risk" groups would bump into each other there. The Copper talking to the camera was happy and clearly relieved that Millwall beat Reading and we beat Charlton as he said everybody would be happy. He then added happily that they'd get off early as the Oxford fans had gone drinking in London which eliminated any chance of a clash.

To add, 2 exceptionally thick shoplifters tried to thieve in shops right next to where 30 coppers were on standby just in case trouble happened and unsurprisingly they got nicked with 1 of the muppets even trying to resist.
Its "risk" group....not "at risk". They had trundled off to Cannon Street i think he said....wouldn`t know.....don`t know them.....wasn`t there.... officer. :unsure::D
Yes the police officer got the scores wrong he said we won 2-0 and Millwall won 3-2. The 'risk group' were in Cannon Street but not for long, the officer said they were likely to be there til nine I don't know where he got that from
Sure there was a bit of a clash at Paddington, I certainly heard something about it.
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