Top earners at the BBC


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Would you be happy with everyone knowing your salary if you worked for the BBC? What if every employer had to reveal what everybody earned? I wonder if under GDPR rules the BBC is flouting privacy? I wonder if England will beat Croatia? I wonder if this government is going to survive? I wonder if there is a god?


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Well no I wouldn’t personally and I think the BBC does an excellent job.

However, organisations receiving public money do routinely display the salaries of their top earning staff so the BBC shouldn’t really be any different.

Plus, it helps to shine a light of gender inequality which can only be a good thing. Again, I’m not bashing the BBC in this sense as they are better than many in terms of pay equality, but greater transparency can only be a good thing.

There is of course the argument that the BBC is at a disadvantage by displaying its talent’s pay as they may get pinched. That’s something they’ll have to wear however and there is no shortage of talented and creative people in this country so no bad thing if the people move on and are replaced with younger, hungrier individuals.

Gary Baldi

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The report is a little slanted as it depends on who you work for in the BBC as to whether your salary was published or not.

I can't believe Steph McGovern earns so much. Cannot read an autocue to save her life!

Marked Ox

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Tbh I don't care about the individual salaries but am interested in the general/overall position. All they really need to do is publish a list of the top salaries but without the accompanying names and other associated stats (ie. Male/female for equivalent jobs etc).

Gary Baldi

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The only reason names are out there is to shame men to earn more as far as I can see. No wonder Eddie Mair left after reportedly being asked to take a pay cut

I cannot believe how much Vanessa Feltz earns as she is a hack, but fair play to her for asking and getting it. No moaning in the press got that money


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I believe that Norway makes all salaries available to view which is better than the half-and-half system we have here. Always easier to administer displaying the salaries for a small population over that of the UK though.

I feel for the BBC here. They can’t win as they’re operating in markets where if they don’t challenge financially, they lose their talent and we’re left with a second-rate national broadcaster and if they offer the market-rate or above, they get pilloried by the likes of the Mail and Express for ‘wasting’ taxpayer money. How can we compare what Gary Lineker, Naga Munchetty and Claudia Winkleman earn in comparison to Jeff Stelling, Susanna Reid and Stephen Mulhern when only one lot of those has to have their salaries made available? Who knows, Gary Lineker could be a bargain when it comes to the fees that Sky are divvying out for its stars? Maybe so because I haven’t seen a clamouring for Matt Le Tissier or Paul Merson making a beeline to become a BBC pundit.


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I know the BBC is funded by the public so we feel that this information ought to be available. But I can't help thinking that they are singled out by politicians - every single one of whom feels the BBC is biased against them! Are the salaries of all people who work in jobs funded by the public published? Or is this of more interest because we (the public) like to tut about how much people get for doing what seems in some cases like a job that consists of grinning a bit and reading off an autocue?

I am constantly amazed how much people in all walks of life are paid - some way lower than I would judge their jobs to be worth and some ridiculously high for what they do (footballers at the 'elite' level being a good example!)
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