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Just walked through the quad as i had to use the bogs.

Some t**t stood there wearing an man yoo scarf, what is that all about!



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Be happy we took £20 off him and he might be back
concessionary price £20 would be this season I'd say?:cautious:

Either they would be old enough to know better, or young and stupid????
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Jimmy Ike

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Nah, not my cup of tea but each to their own. Happy enough to have a whole away stand on the other side of the ground full of another side's colours, after all.

If bloke wants to wear it then that's his call. Hopefully he'll come back again without it.

Colin B

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I absolutely f*****g despair of these people. He probably goes to Twickers too, and calls us his "other" or "second" team.

The gentrification of our game will be the death of football as we know it. It's started in the Premier League and now it's filtering down to us. Please don't tell me he had a selfie stick too?


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It was cold, it may be the only scarf he owns? He was probably only there with an OUFC supporting mate?
I remember back in the Manor days people wearing Man U shirts etc! And I know many supporters still wear premiership stuff still.
I’m afraid we are not big enough to be some people’s only club anymore.


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Me too, I remember wearing a red away shirt (1983ish) to a Borussia Monchengladbach Werder Bremen game. Made me feel proud to be an Oxford fan.

Maybe the person in question was a deluded foreign sports tourist directed to the Kassam by a yellow, who has been brainwashed into believing that there’s only one United.

Well there is, and we don’t play in Manchester!


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A guy from a West oxon village is a Manure and Oxford fan. He went up the manor in the 80s and 90s wearing his hat and scarf. Nowt new here.
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