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Sky Q


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5 Dec 2017

Getting Sky Q installed Sunday. Anyone got the box?

What's it like, currently with Virgin Media and find the V6 box very clunky to use and navigate.

Also what's the UHD quality like?
Had one for over a year, mainly for the minbox allowing us to have full Sky access in other rooms without the cables - that works pretty well. Only gripes with the UI is that there is no single button to call up the TV listings and on the old box, you could mark a program and a reminder would appear just before it was due to start - you don't have this facility anymore.

On the plus side it downloads just about everything you want & then what it thinks you want to watch - the catchup/on demand will let you pick up anything else, so you hardly need to use the schedules.

We have a 43inch UHD TV and to be honest, the difference between HD and UHD is barely descernable to my untrained eye, but if you had a bigger screen, you may notice a difference.
Hope you negotiated a deal! I haven't paid full price to sky for the last three years! (We do have broadband, phone, Q and mobile from Sky which helps)
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