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6 Dec 2017
Of the girl who went to support ISIS in Syria wanting to come back to UK?
As a British citizen she is subject to British law ...if she comes back Id hope the full force of the law is applied.

as abhorrent as it is, given her reported comments about no regrets etc , she was initially groomed to go off to Syria to become a jihadi bride/ sex slave to radicalised killers, some may perceive she is a victim (of radicalisation if nothing else? ), .... as she doesnt have dual nationality, under international law she cannot have her (British) citizenship revoked leaving her stateless.... however British/ English and Welsh law can be applied when she sets foot on uk soil. I for one hope she is handed a long and lengthy period of incarceration ,along with being put through a de radicalisation programme. Or even, as she could be, be put on trial for treason- for which i think there is still the option of capital punishment (hanging) for any British citizen found guilty of treason?
As a British citizen she has the right to come back. She is also subject to our laws, and the full weight of them should be brought to bear on her. The country should not spend one penny on helping her get back and if she can't get here - tough luck, she made her bed and she can lie in it. (I'm normally pretty liberal/left but this gets my goat!!!)
If she does come back she should be arrested if she has broken the law (I suspect that she has,)
I doubt very much whether social services will seem her fit to keep the child ...
Can't cancel her passport as she would be left "stateless" and we are to humanitarian to do that.
If she can't fund a legitimate return then there she stays.

Personally I would send a squad into the camp and tap her off, problem solved.
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what if she's been radicalised/brainwashed and comes back and commits an atrocity
A hard one. Sadly, she doesn't seem to have changed her perspective on ISIS and their ways, only that she feels it's safer in the UK for her new kid. I don't wish her personal harm, but in life we make beds we need to lie in and I would be worried she is too far ideologically gone that she'd try and go back as soon as her kid was healthy and safe or spread ISIS propaganda.

I feel sorry for the family. They didn't ask for this.
interesting take on this....albeit from the perspective of a German girl, groomed online by a Jordanian girl , to join ISIS as a 'jihadi bride, now wanting to return to Germany .... cant get the link to cut n paste ...its in todays daily mail... its reported completely differently to the pregnant, former Bethnal green, unrepentant 'Brit' girl
Can't not let her back in really, Javid is a strange bloke. She'll get punished, her (British) child will get taken into care, she'll get a chance to deradicalise. Also, the cold callousness could be a coping mechanism for all the stuff that's happened to her, so the unrepentance can't be taken at face value, imo.
Not 'fazed' by the sight of severed heads in bins. Says it al!!

To you it might say that she is a psychopath but another, equally plausible, understanding is that she has been traumatised and has erected a lot of defences to avoid dealing with the reality of how grim life for a trafficked isis wife must be. In the same way that soldiers are able to walk past atrocities and carry on; only dealing with the trauma years later when (if at all).

If a 15 year old girl was groomed, raped and made to experience the worst of humanity then I would find it a little strange if she was completely well adjusted to be honest. I think that having her back in the country, getting her the help she would need to become deradicalised and then getting as much information as we can out of her (whilst simultaneously having her as a poster-child for deradicalisation) would be a much better outcome and would send a much stronger message than us callously condemning a British citizen to a limbo life in refugee camps
Don't think the taxpayer should be expected to support this person in any way (including through trial and incarceration) and her family should be monitored for a period.

I wonder if it went to referendum, what the result would be. 85% for removal of citizenship? If politicians listened to the people on these sorts of issues then I think the political extremes would be less popular generally.
If this person is not officially a dual national, then it is against international law to remove her citizenship. You cannot make a person 'stateless', whatever they have or have not done. We can't (and shouldn't) start flouting international law - that is a road that leads to serious consequences very quickly.
There’ll be no publicity and then we will find she has a secret abode with state support. Probably a name change by deed poll too
Agree to take the baby but the baby is adopted by another family.

If she can get back under her own steam, as she was able to travel out, then she can come back but faces the legal consequences of her actions (whatever they are).

Her Dutch husband is never let into the country though.

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