Seats cleaned

Colin B

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If anyone has any pictures please send them to us at OxVox, or post on here, and we'll contact the stadium company again, as they assured us that they had been cleaned twice and would be cleaned again before yesterday's game. It would be useful to know which stand and seat number too.


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On a plus note, the gents toilets by the upstairs bar have been redecorated. New floor tiles and paint on the walls is a vast improvement.
However, much like on the pitch, it's still the same s**t!
The east stand toilets are much the same as they have been for the last few years. A power wash of the floors in the gents would not go amiss ::mad:


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There doesn't seem to be anyone in the North Stand bog who's eavesdropping on important conversation.
maybe theyre responsible for shitting on the seats as theyre not hanging out in the toilets? :eek:


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No, as a matter of fact I went round and personally shat on the seats of my favourite posters. I mean, who wouldn't?

Gary Baldi

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Someone took an incredibly smelly poo in the East Stand bogs last weekend. I suspect the cubicles are usually used to powder noses, so it must have been a change for someone to drop a loadski in there, rather than snort one.
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