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Gary Baldi

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6 Dec 2017
The escalating violence in Iran is both concerning and liberating. Clearly, the current regime has many fingers in many pies, and the people are lusting for the old royal family and the stability they had under it. It will be a interesting watch, especially with Trump in the White House.

The fact the regime are fiddling with internet access says a lot about how worried they are.
"lusting for the old royal family"? Sounds like MailOnline. Pahlavi sponsored wisdom? :D:D
Could be. Not sure about it myself, but the desperation of seeing their natural resources funding terrorism while employment and wages are low must be frustrating. I wouldn't advocate the Shah's coming back, but when you compare them to the Ayatollah's, can a change be any worse?
Saudis only perform better because they're mounting a imperial war in Yemen and have a more efficient internal security service. Murderers. More about demographics than ideas, unless you're paying. My opinion only, obvs.
Let alone the Saudis funding certain terrorist groups as well. Those pesky Wahhabis

Back to Iran. A lot of under 25 men are unhappy being out of work and are revolting against the Ayatolah's rein and women are removing the hijab to feel liberated against the preferred strain of their religion. The outrage is so far distributed, it will be tough to snuff out.
Whilst it is widespread it may fizzle out as there is no concerted organisation or leadership nationally.

Unfortunately, repression will win I think.
It was on the TV news the other day about Govt corruption. No different to SA under Jacob Zuma I guess.

I was surprised to see some people want the royalty back. I suppose they see it as a way to exclude the Ayatollah's from power at the top, rather than a tainted democracy when they are still there, under a different name.
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