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Has anyone had to do this yet and if so what are your thoughts? I think it's a bit of a pain but I think the general principle is good

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We've had training to do at work about GDPR. Amongst the dullness, there is some very powerful legislation. If you want to annoy some big companies that you don't have an account with or they have given bad customer service previously, GDPR them. You'll cause merry hell as I can guarantee a lot of organisations say they are prepared, but aren't.


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I think it makes people stop and think about the importance of privacy and responsibility. I wonder if Cambridge Analytica have done there's yet......


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It's amazing how many companies I've never heard of suddenly want me to agree to being contacted. I keep looking for the "click here" bit labelled f**k off!

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It wasn't an entirely serious question given their data handling/thieving antics
I suspect it's part of the reason why they are have decided to put themselves into administration. The proverbial whipping boy didn't want the even worse PR it would bring


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Anyone else tried to click the link from the OUFC email - typical that I get this from the EFL website.

Details for the supplied registration code could not be found.


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Has anyone had to do this yet and if so what are your thoughts? I think it's a bit of a pain but I think the general principle is good
Yes multiple meetings at the college I work at, they are seriously freeking out about this, boring as hell for me though :)
I.E you lose your moblie/laptop and it has work stuff on it, that's a breach and has to be reported it to the ICO

Just tell me the policy and I will adhere to it, I don't want to sit through a s**t load of meetings on it.
Try being in the public sector........................... some of the meetings have to take place in windowless rooms to stop folk jumping...... :ROFLMAO:

I think I am now "fully conversant"................................ :geek:
Just more legislation to impose basic common sense really.

Don’t hold or share any data about anyone who has not given you permission.

Any data you do have has to be accurate and held only for specific purposes and deleted if either requested or no longer relevant.

Tidy up your database and shred all the old files.

Encrypt everything.

Don’t be careless and lose it or disclose it to anyone other than with express permission.

Train staff not be be stupid.

Defo feels like lots of people getting their knickers in a twist over something that should be ingrained in businesses anyway, but now with the added threat of big fines.


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For all of it's hype some elements of it are really important. I handle some very 'sensitive' information which, if it got into the wrong hands, could be used in all sorts of unpleasant ways. As a consequence of GDPR I shall no longer be storing it under my bed!
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