Fan's View Fan's View 21/22 - No.10 - Cheltenham away


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6 Dec 2017
Agree with your comments on the game entirely Paul. We were among those sitting in the first row of the seats and, to be fair, the view wasn't so bad. Bit of a strain to see the far right corner but overall we've had worse. At least the seats were just above pitch level.
I remember commenting to my wife that first half, all the action had been at the far end and come the second half we would have a fine view of affairs. How wrong I was!
We parked in the social club and were welcomed in with open arms and some pleasant locals who liked a chat. Returning to the car park we found ourselves having to make our way through all the home fans going in the opposite direction, all of them buoyed by their win. Not the easiest of walks!

I do wonder why Robinson persists in his belief that his style of football is going to win games every week. Maybe it would with players to match but not as it stands at the moment. Surely that must be apparent to him and, maybe more importantly, the chaps with the money backing him?


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24 Dec 2017
Thanks Paul.
Yes Sykes is a much better player this year but unfortunately there does not appear much link up play, understanding, growing partnership between him and Matt Taylor.
Also our dead ball delivery - very poor, last season we seemed to do well from free-kicks, so what has happened to the ingenuity this season? Like those clever through balls to Taylor are no longer there.

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