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Cheating and referees


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7 Dec 2017
Maybe it is simply because I am getting old but ...
Having gone to Bradford and watched the second half if the PSG v Liverpool game I can't believe that the referees let players cheat so obviously.
Both Bradford and PSG had to win and I have a little sympathy for Bradford in their situation. But the diving around, rolling around, time wasting, has been extraordinary.
Bradford spent the whole we go d half trying to kill the game and wasting as much time as they could.
Surely the referees have some obligation to stop these things? Booking the goalkeeper when he started wasting time may have helped...
It has been my opinion for a while that referees should book a player at the first instance of time wasting. That should encourage others to keep the game moving. Officials have the powers to reduce the negative tactics, they just need to have the balls to use them.
And while I’m on it, what do refs think they achieve by doing the ‘hand jive’ to encourage players to speed up?
Referees should be more active on time wasting because when they are active on it, teams just get on with the game as normal. As for the rolling around, FIFA (LOL) should do more to help Referees combat simulation and diving. Players, like Neymar, know they can fall over, roll around and the Refs can't wait to blow for a free kick
Shirt pulling and holding needs attention as well
The 4th official should have a game clock and it is only going when the ball is in play.

Disincentivises time wasting and also retrospective 2 game bans for diving as standard. A non league player got a 2 game ban for cheating due to social media videos but nothing happens to PL players. Do PL players every time and it will feed down, refs will be boldened hopefully to then take action in games*. It will also hopefully ultimately make games easier for refs to manage.

*The disciplinary action by a ref for cheating in a game should match the what would happen to the opponent. For example, if a defender would have got sent off for preventing a goal scoring opportunity should the dive have worked then the cheater gets sent off.

Likewise, the anomaly of handball is changed. When a forward deliberately handles it in they don't get sent off, only booked, but if a defender stops a goal they get sent off.
It is a nuisance when time wasting isn’t cracked down upon, although equally I was pretty fucked off when Luton got their winner when the referee unusually made us pay for our own procrastinations!
The time a ball was in play was discussed on Talksport some time ago and IIRC the PL typically clocks up between 54 and 58 minutes playing time for their matches.

At least if it was 30 minutes each way, clock stopping and starting with the game and play on until the ball goes dead (rather like wugbee), you'd have a fairly even playing field.
Although Liverpool deserved to lose, I was disappointed at the amount of time wasting going on by PSG. The deliberate fouling by PSG was going unpunished most of the time, so much so that the Liverpool players must’ve thought they were up against twelve players
I think one of the biggest problems with refereeing is the rules are so open to interpretation. What's exceptional can differ between one game to another, and in the poorest of examples can differ during a game.
I always feel the larger teams get the rub of the green on this, which is why I don't think a lot will be done about it
Having seen a bit of the Blades vs Leeds game, the Blades are very lucky to have 11 men on the pitch. The Ref is having an absolute nightmare being consistent in his decisions and most decisions have fallen onto the Blades side of things at the moment.
Having seen a bit of the Blades vs Leeds game, the Blades are very lucky to have 11 men on the pitch. The Ref is having an absolute nightmare being consistent in his decisions and most decisions have fallen onto the Blades side of things at the moment.
George should have had 4 yellows by now instead of the 1 he copped for! Agree, the ref has been so poor for Championship standard.
As an aside for officials' and VAR, the penalty in the Central Coast Mariners Vs Sydney game was a joke. The VAR rules don't help officials (or they don't help themselves) as it really is a cheaters charter after a blatant dive by the Sydney player got given on the pitch. The VAR official didn't suggest the on pitch Ref review it as there was the very slightest amount of contact, but watching the Sydney player's body shape clearly had no impact until he decided to dive.
Again, using the A League for VAR and officials. The Officials aren't helping themselves in how they are applying a VAR with it seems the more fancied sides getting far more of the favourable decisions by the officials. The last few games I seen Wellington Phoenix they have had the rough end of the VAR stick and today's game was laughable in that they had 2 poor decisions go against them. They should have had a penalty after their forward was pulled back twice in the area by the same defender, but the VAR official didn't even call over the match Ref, and then an absolutely ridiculous sending off of one of their centre halves. Perth Glory, Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory don't seem to have such problems.
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