Bird poo


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6 Dec 2017
Can Oxvox speak to the club about getting the seats sorted that have bird poo please.
There’s one poster to blame for this, and it Pooshooter!
Anyone who has an issue about anything to do with stadium facilities (or lack thereof) should make a formal complaint in writing to the football club, even if the club are ultimately unable to do anything about it themselves.

I realise many people probably already do this but it is important that they continue doing so and others with justifiable grievances should do the same. Politely of course.

It might cause the club a bit of a headache administratively but an accumulation of third party testimonies could come in very handy if the club where ever to get into a dispute with its landlord. Oh, wait.........
I suggest we train a flock of seagulls and get them to poo all over Kassam's other properties until he does something.
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