Banning orders in double figures

Grimsby Town - am I reading that right? What happened there?
It's not that many, I seriously doubt one those banned even threw a punch apart from some pavement dancing.
"supporters". There's having banter in the stands and then there's being a complete cock. People need to grow up, it's not the 80's anymore.
They're not proper fans, theyre just a bunch if bloody yobbos. Bring back the birch/national service. If the must fight each other put 'em in a field well away from the ground and let them get on with it. Bloody morons/thugs/idiots. Hangings too good for 'em
I`m not carping on about this but I`ll take a guess that it is a cumulative figure?
Someone who got a 3 year ban 2 years ago still appears on the "naughty list" ?
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