Alan Flash Coleman


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16 Nov 2018
An update from the daughter, a lovely touch from the club. KR has gone out of his way to get in contact with her:

I have just been speaking to Karl Robinson on the phone to say how sorry they all were about dad. He was so lovely and also spoke to to my son and was so good with him then my 6 year old daughter wanted to speak to him even though she didn't really know who she was talking to!!!

Thought I couldn't love this club anymore than I currently do but Oxford United are more than just a football club they are part of the community and their connection with the fans is amazing
I really hope they can win on Monday night they deserve it so much!!!!
‘The daughter’ has a name. Hayley.

Flash was a great bloke, loyal Ox fan and a regular on the pub scene in Marston and Northway back in the day. Loved a song on the karaoke and was always the life and soul.

Nice touch my Karl and whoever put the video together. I know it meant a lot to the family and close friends.


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13 Feb 2019
Yes , this is very sad news , and I am sure it will hit home to all OUFC fans not just the ones that knew Alan. RIP.

The mighty Aldo

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15 Dec 2017
How very sad
I first met Flash when he worked with my uncle,Bernard Cox at Ivor Fields in Oxford
Such a lovely genuine man and he will be sorely missed


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10 Dec 2017
RIP. Alan was a very pleasant and cheerful personality, fondly remembered by many. IIRC Alan opened a photography shop in Turl Street after Ivor Fields closed.

Condolences to his family and friends.
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