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What an amazing job Coleman does there. Only 1243 turned up last night. If they go up and play Sunderland the disparity between the two clubs couldn’t be more. Maybe 4000 fans at home and 40000 away.
I remember Coleman managed Rochdale unsuccessfully for a short while. Looks like he will see his management career at Accrington


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Agreed. People are so quick to write managers off after a less than successful spell, but as I have said on another thread, in my life I have learnt just as much, if not more, from my defeats as I have from my victories.


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He, Coleman, should maybe advise the prime minister? No magic money trees, or many fans, at the crown ground set up....yet he manages to get the very best out of his small squad operating on what is a short,worn n frayed shoestring budget

On a separate issue,' Stanley are very amenable to their young Ultras!
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