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78 year old arrested...


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6 Dec 2017
For stabbing an intruder to death. Two burglars breakninto his house, one goes upstairs while the other holds a screwdriver to him. He struggles and the burglar dies. Tough s**t he shouldn’t have been in there!
Whatever next. They'll be arresting people for posting stuff on social media that no one complains about.

Oh wait
They have to arrest someone in circumstances like this. He has already been bailed and it is very unlikely indeed that he will ever be charged. As GrumpyGit says - you reap what you sow, and I find it very difficult to feel sorry for the dead bloke.
This story has been totally overblown and has been used by the sorts of people who love to say "This country has gone to the dogs" etc.

A man was stabbed to death, the police obviously have to investigate it and therefore need to arrest the person whilst the investigation takes place. We don't know the facts yet, if they are as has been reported then the guy will get off but I don't mind the police double checking that the story is true rather than just letting him off on his word that he was being burgled.

it's political correctness gone mad tho ennit
I ought to bet on football matches, my predictions being as they are
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