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  1. MustardYellow

    General Club/Player Mentality

    I've felt for a while that our squads always seem considerably weaker than other teams. Other teams have bite and aggression, they manipulate rules to their benefit and take advantage of poor refereeing (time wasting, feigning injuries etc). They surround referees, shout for every decision etc -...
  2. MustardYellow

    General Players Since 2015/16

    Bored at work, so thought I'd put together a few questions about players that have been at the club from our promotion season (2015/16 season) to now. From the 2015/16 season onwards, who has been... 1) The best signing 2) The worst signing 3) A loan player who you had high hopes for but...
  3. R

    Predictions away to Luton?

    Stats show a 2-2 draw and I have to agree. Matchbook have a whopping 4.80 on the draw with a £10 freebet - https://www.betseven.net/football-betting-tips/english-league-one/luton-vs-oxford/
  4. Nathan Jacobs

    League Cup Man City Spare Tickets

    Hi Guys, Groundhopper here yet to visit the Kassam and I can think of no better game to visit for! I'm sure there are life-long Oxford fans who deserve a spare ticket more than I do but if any become available or anyone knows of any please give me a message. I know beggars can't be...
  5. Zakstratton

    Frank Lampard

    Laughable that some people want yet another unproven manager? Surely not worth the risk now? Be Intresting to see how many people would want him here though
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