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    Transfer News January Changes

    I know it might be a bit early to start this thread but who should go and who would we like in? In an ideal world I would ship out Shodipo, Agyei, Sykes where appropriate sell or loan. Bring in Marcus Browne, Nathan Holland , an experienced Centre Back and another left back, again on loan/buy...
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    Current Player Eastwood time's up

    Take a 0 0 draw now with Stevens in goal
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    Matches The only good thing about Saturday

    I'll have whatever you are drinking HY, keep the faith (I know its bloody difficult)
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    Matches The only good thing about Saturday

    It was bloody hard, however patience wearing thin now....
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    Matches The only good thing about Saturday

    The one and only thing I can think that was good about Saturday, was that Clare not being available means he has "dodged a bullet"and cannot take anymore stick. Having said that I think playing him further forward is definitely a far better option for him and the club. In hindsight (I know he...
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    Home Match Build Up 28/11/2020 L1 OUFC v Swindon Town

    Correct, you win first prize
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    General Rosies Testimonial in 2007

    Not at the moment, will let you know as and when. Thanks
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    General Rosies Testimonial in 2007

    During lockdown I have cleared out my loft and come across a signed Matt Elliot shirt from Rosies Testimonial in 2007. So far so good, however does anybody remember who else played in this game as it is covered in signatures and I haven't a clue? Any help gratefully received...
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    Away Match Day Thread 21/11/2020 L1 Wigan Athletic v OUFC

    I have low expectations today and am sure they will be met
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    General Are we missing Faz ?

    Just a thought, but given all the current reasons offered why its not happening for us currently, are we missing the calm voice of reason of Faz . I know we have the current backroom staff but do they offer the same depth of experience and advice that he did previously. Before you all jump on me...
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    Current Player Cam Brannagan

    Great to see the "wee man" back in training , good luck Cam and cant wait to see you back in action, but only when you are ready
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    Relegation HY methinks..... but I do agree with the principle providing there is more transparency from all clubs
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    At what point do we stop talking about potential and realise that just maybe Dan isn't going to make it at Oxford , he is frustrating to watch, and then he will do something that gets you out of your seat. I'm sure that the management have had the same conversations, but I am not convinced his...
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    How much an issue is it to Elliot Moore that he has switched to playing right sided centre back from left where he looked extremely solid ? I know he has had a lot on his mind but wondered about the tactical switch to accommodate Atkinson.
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