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    International News Covid-19 .....

    Didnt think it would be long before it was the parent's fault :rolleyes:
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    Manager/Coach Chrissy A

    Thats a real shame but completely understandable given his personal circumstances.
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    National News Covidiots.....

    I'd argue famine and war are worse, among others.
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    Matches Crewe

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    Matches Crewe

    Can you play left wing? Would be my guess
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    Matches Crewe

    So Artell does know why it was called off then, because Crewe didnt meet the appropriate guidance and protocols. Again. So his rant is, as we expected, a blame deflection exercise for the more gullible element of their fanbase.
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    Matches Crewe

    "Decision has been taken after the club considered the relevant guidance from the EFL and Government" They have failed to meet the guidance in some way
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    Matches Crewe

    Sounds to me like they were asked if they'd tested following saturdays game and they hadnt...again. Hence the tests last day or so
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    Its very convenient. Means you can justify ignoring lockdown restrictions/the real world whilst calling yourself a freedom fighter.
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    League One New Plough Lane Stadium

    Fans will actually be able to see the pitch from the stands at their place now. Not sure whether thats a good or bad idea.
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    Matches Crewe

    TBF this is the man who thought it OK to not test the whole team after getting a confirmed case, then pitch up at the ground with a team who had been in close contact with a newly confirmed case and demand that the game be played. And wanted congratulating after for being honest. No surprise if...
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    Home Match Day Thread 13-10-2020 L1 OUFC v Crewe Alexandra (2nd attempt MATCH OFF)

    Bazza Im intrigued. Are you saying everyone should isolate after a test even if its a routine test and not a suspected case?
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    Or had to go to the shop because they were out of food
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