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That's like the tv fee had it been on BT both you and the Geordies would have split £1.2m as they're commercial The BBC should pay the same considering the rating the game drew. Please forgive my petulant reply. but I come here for chat and he overstepped the line somewhat :D
What others say is up to them, you come across as a decent sort so I haven’t a problem. I think my reply about Pompey is sort of correct
Can you amend my member name to read Lincolnyellow1, I missed the “n” off when registering..
I can't. Sorry.
Time to change the avatar. As much as I’ll always look back with great affection on the ‘80’s vintage, its time to move into the here and now and celebrate the new heroes. Fingers crossed, this is the dawning of new great times!
Following the best team in the world Oxford United from West Yorkshire,already been to watch them against Barnsley not a good game at all hopefully after a few game we will gel as a team and win the league championship here we come 👍🏼🎉hopefully.
Sorry, did someone mention on here that there was a discount if you bought the Crystal Palace and Leeds tickets together. I'm booking both in the SSU and they're both showing full price in the checkout? Thanks x
Stupidly the online shop cannot handle this so it has to be done via Ticket Office.
Myles please accept my sympathies, I can only imagine the 'fall out' and the turbulence which ensues and I hope you have the support of friends and family.
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