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I just put this on the Message from Tiger thread.....but may as well double up my response here...…

Damn, that's a lot of pragmatic and sensible thoughts. 'Disciplined but ambitious'? I think I'm developing a man crush based solely on a set of tweets!

Reading between the lines, it sounds like the opportunity to sign two players as good as Taylor and Thorne has come up slightly unexpectedly, and KR has persuaded them to take advantage of that and allow him to slightly expand his budget (presumably the Whyte sale helped as well).

And then it's the big 'Go Buy Tickets' pitch.
Which is fair enough. Given the way the summer, and the first four games of the season, have gone.....I don't think there's any excuse for you all not to do it (I live 4000 miles away, so I'm restricted to an iFollow subscription!)
Zaki seems to be more into it this season - I don't doubt in part because the other BS has quietened down now

The thread is pragmatic, realistic and forward thinking. We've spent money, but the model of selling on has done it's job. There is a long way to go, but the club has stuck to it's guns this summer and we're looking a very quietly upwordwardly mobile team.
Welcome comments from him. Sounds like the club are listening to what the fans want (is easier to be vocal after the start we’ve made and the window we’ve had).
Amazing what some decent PR can do. He's doing what we all thought NMcW should be doing.

Welcome comments from him. Sounds like the club are listening to what the fans want (is easier to be vocal after the start we’ve made and the window we’ve had).

Agree with you both. High time that somebody grabbed the reins and started communicating to the support. I'm no great lover of the social media thing but there is no doubting it's function in modern life.
McW may be good at part of his role but communicating isn't one of his strengths.
It's been a remarkable 36 hours or so, credit to the Board of Directors and Karl's team.

Those tweets sent out by Zaki have really been interesting, moreso, the engagement and responses to them (likes and retweets). I believe, it'll surprise him because I know that people close to the club have been trying to advise or direct the senior management a little in areas such as this. Telling people honesty and/or being transparent will go a very very long way.

It provided a perfect opportunity to ask the supporters to back the club further. Those who had yet to purchase season tickets have been provided with a 'deal' to upgrade match tickets to season tickets and I hope it works.

The club deserve the support and investment from supporters after signing a player (forget Thorne) that's at the top of his game and is a clear piece of ambition.

Zaki is doing a very good job in taking the mantle of a role that communicates with it's fanbase in a coherent and sensible manner.
Really hope that ST deal carries over into the next league home match as well. Will give people another pay cheque and hopefully some more impressive performances to persuade them to commit to the season.
You could see them running it until the end of September, that would make sense and given it's still a time when many people would have been on holiday it might be good timing for some to purchase a ST.
It's great to see some increased (and meaningful) communication. Is it a little early, or are we seeing signs that the club is being run better? I know a good start on the pitch helps, but it all feels a bit different than a few months ago.
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