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Youth Team


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7 Dec 2017
Did anybody on here go today?
600 is a very good attendance and hopefully the kids appreciated the support.
Did anybody on here go (I was going to go but couldn't)?
Did any of the players stand out?
Yes, sir.

I am not sure about names, but I thought our number 5 looked good. Very composed and assured on the ball, but wasn’t afraid to simply kick it into touch rather than risk overplaying. Wasn’t afraid to put himself about a bit either. Considering most centre-backs continue development for about 10 or so years, he’s worth keeping an eye on.

I think his name is Noel-Williams (Dejon, number 9). Looked a handful, won so many headers (flick ons mostly) against their defence. Played - and celebrated - with confidence. He impressed me.

I’ll have to confirm their names, but think they must have been 2 of the 5 that were offered deals.

Edit. Yep, they were 2 of the 5. Seems the double-barrelled name trend continues. The other player was Matt Berry-Hargreaves, current youth team captain.
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