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Yet another football club close to dying?

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Things look far from good at Notts County.
It is sad to see all these clubs slowly dying due to bad owners. I didn't realise how much trouble Notts County are in and they are in danger of getting kicked out of the national league and going bust all together.

That’d be a terrible shame if the oldest club in the league as of May 2019 were to fold.
I can remember them performing in the top flight for a few years under a Jimmy Sirrell.
Good luck to them in the coming weeks in resolving the issues they have
That would be a terrible shame.
They were in the play offs the season before last I believe.
Now relegated to the NL which could be the least of their problems.
On the one hand, it would be a real shame given their history.

On the other......their financial trouble all stems, really, from when they were taken over in 2009 by a 'Middle Eastern Consortium', Munto Finance who installed Sven Goran Eriksen as Director of Football, signed the likes of Kasper Schmeichel and had the team taking private jets to games.

At the time, the club's supporters trust owned 60% of the club - but they voted overwhelmingly to sell it to Munto, and this was the quote of their chairman at the time:

"This deal has made us the envy of clubs up and down the country.

"Although it has been proved many times before that money doesn't guarantee success in football, we are on the brink of a situation that will surely be unique in this club's history.

"Plans can actually be made to do things - on and off the field - without having to worry about whether we can afford it. I firmly believe Munto are the people to transform the fortunes of the club that we all care so deeply about."

Of course, Munto turned out to be a bunch of fraudsters, and the club has never recovered.

If that isn't a salutary lesson to our fans, and the fans of all lower league clubs, of the danger of running up too much debt, whilst simultaneously putting all your faith in, and your club wholly at the mercy of, owners with big promises but unknown motives or means, then I don't know what would be.

Sure, it worked for Bournemouth, and it worked for Wolves. But it's destroyed more clubs than it's raised up.
Get used to it unfortunately. Football is imploding financially, nothing is sustainable. The gap between the PL and Championship is increasing, and the gap between those two and the FL is absolutely frightening. Clubs can only reach their goals by working absolute miracles or spending too much, which leads to this.
You can also argue they are not being run correctly, but the football league aren't gifted billions of £ every season like those above us.
Financial Fair Play isn`t fit for purpose.
When your "train set owner" shuffles off is there a back up plan?
Expect a few more to go South this season.

It can work, Leicester being one marginally better example, (breached FFP, lost an owner etc) but the risks far far outweigh the benefits.
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