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6 Dec 2017
Sunderland will be in the West End of Wembley and have been allocated 37,480 tickets which will go on sale at one ticket per person.

Wycombe Wanderers have an initial allocation of 19,205 tickets and are allowing six tickets per person. This could be increased to 28,000 if the sell out....
Sunderland allocated the 'lucky' Green Man pub then?

Wandering Yellow

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10 Aug 2019
Chairman's rallying cry...

Properly odd. Reads as though it was written in a foreign language and been put through google translate a few times.
They really are not doing themselves any favours...

"We will again be the underdogs to those who “know football”. The supporters of the team that is a Netflix show will try to intimidate us with their superior number off fans."
"I am hearing from groups throughout the UK looking to get their maximum allotment."
"We will also be utilizing our secret weapon: the WorldWide Wycombe Wanderers Phenomenon."
Amended for him

Grumpy Git

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8 Dec 2017
Wycombe have f.a. support, money and football skill. If they lose in the final, out will go any decent talent, probably their manager and they’ll start heading south.

Come on the Mackems.

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