WWC 19 : USA v Chile


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6 Dec 2017
5pm kick off

probable USA win? ..... doubt that USA will get another 16 goals in this one
Officials were either incompetent or heavily in favour of the US. The ball was blatantly off by a US player but got given as a corner from which they scored, got a penalty via VAR when the foul was outside the box and, a US player escaped a blatant 2nd yellow but a Chilean player then got a caution for less. These were not all either as the ref was certainly more lenient of the Americans in terms of cautions.
There is a bit of a theme going in this competition that some teams seem to be getting more than their share of the decisions. I'm also not convinced about quite a few of the VAR penalty decisions - when you slow everything right down it looks like a penalty every time (as long as you are one of the top teams of course!)
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