Nick the Greek

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30 Sep 2018
I just read on the BBC sport website that wolves lost 1 million pounds a week during their championship winning 2017-18 season. It just downed on me much money it would take to make Oxford competitive at championship level and generally how expensive football can be.
It's something we've discussed a few times on here - but it is becoming increasingly true that the financial gap between the Championship and League One is rapidly becoming the most significant one at any point in the football league pyramid.

The average wage bill of a Championship club now absolutely dwarfs the revenues of a club like ours.

It's why so many clubs are getting relegated into League One, and then going straight back up - they have much greater resources than the rest of the division.

Although even by Championship standards, Wolves making a single season loss of 57 million is obscene.
They need to be thankful that it worked, because if it hadn't - their whole club would have been at risk. As it is, they're now basking in the Premiership riches and will probably be fine.
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