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12 Jun 2019
Assuming I heard Robinson’s pre match interview right one of these last three signings (Agyei included) is within the budget but the other two mean two in and two out and I assume on loan.

My guess is two from Hanson, Hall, Baptiste and Sykes. They are all very decent players and it shows our new found strength in depth that we could possibly be sending this calibre of player out on loan. Hanson seems the most obvious because, on today performances, I can’t see him dislodging Gorrin or Brannagan and if Thorne is incoming then it puts him even further down the pecking order.

Sykes offers something different and we aren’t blessed with too many with his subtlety so I’d keep him but the fact he couldn’t force his way into the 18 today may suggest he’s going out. A stint in the hurly burly of L2 might help his development. Baptiste is undoubtedly one for the future and will be an integral part of Oxford going forward but perhaps some regular football will help him get fully back up to speed after serious injury.

I fear for Robbie Hall though. I can’t put my finger on it but there looked a tentativeness about him today and a reluctance to really throw himself into the fray. It looked to me that he’s both mentally and physically struggling to reach a level required by a substitute let alone a starter. Of them all I think he is the one who will most benefit from a few months out on loan.
Napa and Sykes would be most likely I think.
Why would we have offered Hall a new deal if we were just going to loan him out again?

There's no chance we'll send Baptise out.

I still think Sykes will become a key part of the team, so would think he's unlikely to go out.

My guess would be Napa and Hanson, and maybe a few of the other youngsters.
surely not Hansen very useful utility player. I would like to keep napa too I feel sure he is going to come good but there is a lot of competition up front
I would guess it would be Napa and the youngsters nico jones and fabio lopez.
In his interview, KR said it would be a like-for-like wage going out to that coming in. Some junior players may go out but I suspect, if KR is really going to improve the squad, a couple seniors may also go.
We need Hanson as cover for Gorrin and Brannagan as they will both have to miss games through suspension at some point. I thought Hanson did very well when he came on yesterday.

When Hanson came on yesterday you could see that he’s just not good enough.

May be he was trying too hard, but he lacked awareness, positioning and composure on the ball.
Before the season started I would have agreed with you.
He has started very well though especially yesterday and seems to have a very good understanding with Cadden.
So I would be pretty surprised
Agreed but I reckon Ageiy will play on the right side of the 3 behind the striker.

Henry is on a decent amount and doesn't fit into the pacey forward mould which KR strives for.

I'd like him to stay as when he's on form he is a class act. Maybe this will be the case now that he has proper competition for his position.
I personally would be very surprised if it was Hanson, as he can provide good cover for DM and RB, and IF it is Thorne who comes as the DM, theres no guarantee of him staying fit given his injury record, so Hanson remains vital as cover for two positions.

I also can't imagine it would be Baptiste, as when fit, he'll be really pushing for a first team place, and thats the exact kind of competition for places we need in the squad, and given his last two unfortunate injuries, I would've thought the club will want to keep him here where they can monitor his progress closely.

I think Rob Hall will be used as an impact sub this season, and will be great to have on the bench as an attacking option for the last 20 mins of games, and theres no guarantee he will be used sensibly by the club he's loaned to, so can't see him going anywhere to be honest.

In my opinion, if its going to be anyone, it may well be Sykes and Napa, as they are both clearly talented players, especially Sykes, but they are both very lightweight, and would probably benefit from a season in the rough and tumble of league two, to help them develop the physical side of their games, so they can hopefully come back bigger and stronger, and more capable of competing physically with the demands of higher leagues.

I must say though, while I think a loan move could benefit Sykes, for the reasons I've just stated, I fear Napa may always fall short on the physical side of things, as last season being out on loan doesn't really seem to have made much difference in that area of his development, and I fear he may always be too lightweight for football at this level, hope he proves me wrong though.
I personally would release McMahon, as I just don't think he's up to league one football anymore.

I would also definitely send Napa, Lopes and Jones out on loan, they need it, as none of them can be realistically considered for regular 1st team football at this level yet, and would benefit greatly from playing regularly in league 2.

I would happily keep hold of Sykes, as technically I think he's already capable of playing at this level, and maybe the club could work on the physical side of his development here as the season goes on, but would also see the sense of sending him on loan for a season in league 2, so he can physically adapt to becoming a first team regular, ready to come back and really push for a starting place here.

It's nice though to be in the position where our 1st team squad is so healthy, we're even considering sending out a player like Sykes on loan!
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