Who will Robinson keep or let go

RadOx reported Faz will stay at least until end of this season. Also, interview on IPlayer and KR said he would lean on Faz to begin with, he'd be crazy not to, next few days he was here to look and learn, would like to bring in his own people at some stage, also Oxford had the look of an exceptionally well-run club...
Lots of players will be leaving, or At least I hope so.........
We still have a crop of good players at this level, unfortunately we do not seem to have many that could regularly feature in the league above unlike previous seasons so in many cases we may have to start again.
Players like Eastwood, Nelson, possibly Dickie, Mous (jury’s still out), Canice still needs moulding, Robbie hall (if he stays fit), Ledson, Rothwell and we haven’t seen Brannigan enough but he has potential, all can play at the top of this league and possibly in a higher league, The rest of the squad however on their day can produce but not often enough and consistency wins the day so unless Karl can work his magic i fear for 2/3rds of our current squad over the next 2 months or so.....

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Robinson had some real talent at Charlton. Ezri Konsa, Naby Sarr , Jay Dasilva, Tariq Fosu-Henry,
Stephy Mavididi, Ahmed Kashi, Sullay Kaikai etc etc.

Hopefully one or two end up here!
I’d hope that the likes of Ledson, Eastwood, Rothwell and Nelson were held onto. I think it will largely depend on whether they buy into KR and his approach.

I’d like to see us keep Richardinio, try to secure Kane and keep Dickie (his he ours?)

I’d be looking at moving the rest on. RE Hall he’s been a great player for us both when he first came with Wilder and second time round but I think he’ll be on the injury list more than start list.
If Ledson, Nelson and Rothwell stay, it won’t be anything to do with KR, or his plans. They all know their worth and know what money was being offered to them by Preston and Blackburn.

If they stay it will be an indicator of the depth of the owner’s pockets.

Dickie is our player. He was signed, for a fee, from Reading.
Robinson wanted Hall to sign a new contract at MK Dons, but they would only offer him a one year one due to his injury whereas we gambled and offered him two so he went with the security of our offer. Although he might of been pissed if at the time why would he now not want him and hold a grudge against him over a sensible decision? And why would Hall be that bothered about one comment in an interview from 18 plus months ago compared to playing again for the man who got him the best achievement of his career, getting promoted out of league one.

What went on is fairly standard for football, only the bitterest of people would hold a grudge about it, neither seem like that.


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Wants the in demand players to give him a chance and 12 months to try and improve them and the club.

The ones that i feel this is aimed at, in the article he mentions Eastwood and Ledson.
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